Tying the flower bouquet properly

Needed materials to produce a flower bouquet

  1. sharp knife
  2. Flower shears
  3. Floral wire
  4. Floral ribbon
  5. nice fresh flowers
  6. green accessory, leaves ….

Shopping flowers

For a nice compact bouquet you need about 20 – 25 flowers.
The flowers should best still be completely closed and the foliage on the stem still be vigorously green, thus keeping the bouquet longer.

Remove leaves from the stems

The half stem length of the foliage, thorns and other parts of the plant with the sharp knife free (because this part is otherwise in the water and this would form by plant residues bacteria and thereby contaminate). This process leads to an early wilting of the flowers.

Choose flower for central point

Now you can start with the binding. Take a flower with the largest possible flower, which forms the central point in your bouquet.

Apply flowers radially

Take turns taking a new flower and foliage and put them together radially. Add the flowers and leaves together to give a nice result.

Turn bouquet and inspect arrangement

While tying you turn the bouquet of flowers so that a uniformly round overall picture is created and the flowers are beautifully divided. It is also important that the flower you have planned for the center is still in the middle.

Tighten the bouquet

Now the bouquet is tied together. For this you take a suitable flower ribbon (natural bast or a ribbon) and put it once around the bouquet and knot it, if the binding is not tight enough then tie a ribbon over it again.

Cut flower stems

Now that you’ve tied your bouquet together, you can now trim the flower stems. Use the rose scissors here but be careful not to squeeze the stems. Then trim all flower stems diagonally with the sharp knife.

Watering flowers

Look for a suitable vase, this should be able to supply half the stem length with water. Thoroughly clean it with water and detergent (a small amount of residual detergent can remain in the vase as this will prevent water from forming) and fill with lukewarm water and then adjust the flowers. Finished!